Amazing Prehistoric Dogs

Today’s site will simply amaze you.
It seems that there have been discovered prehistoric dogs!
Here, I’ll let the discoverers do the talking:
“A Prehistoric dog is a modern-day dinosaur. The few rare species that still exist have almost become extinct due to man’s selfish and destructive behaviour. Although these animals are dinosaurs, they are very much alive today. They can be found in our modern world, often on the outskirts of major cities. Prehistoric dogs are thought to be distant relatives of the well known dinosaur Thrinaxodon , an early prehistoric mammal which lived during the Mesozoic era about 245 million years ago. Recent evidence suggests that Prehistoric dogs are genetically similar to many modern breeds of dog and many of their behaviours are more dog-like than most dinosaurs.”
I’m not making this up. You’re just going to have to visit the site and see this for yourself.

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