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Home Style Thai Recipes

September 8, 2008 1 Comment

Home Style Thai Recipes Good Monday morning, FamilyFirst friends! Let's go out of the edge today. Let's head to the far east and look at some Thai recipes. Perhaps cooking Thai never occurred to you before. Well, why not? It can be pretty spicy, or you can tone things down. But much Thai food is healthy. Stir... continue reading...

No Black People in Canada?

September 6, 2008 1 Comment

No Black People in Canada? OK, it's quick, lightweight, and insignificant, but i think it will still give you a smile. It's a bogus telephone lookup that I think you will find amusing. BTW, it's not true, I have been to Canada, and while far from populous, our black brothers and sisters are present there. Enjo... continue reading...

Gecko Tape

February 18, 2008 No Comments

Gecko Tape You read about it here first. remember that. Whilst stumbling from site to site looking for some good FamilyFirst fodder for a Monday morning, I discovered Gecko Tape. What is Gecko Tape, you might ask? Is it footage of the Geiko Insurance critter? No, Gecko Tape is a wonderful new invention that b... continue reading...