6 Tips for Caring for Your New Blooming Houseplant

Plants make a beautiful, simple gift for neighbors, friends and family – poinsettias, African violets, cyclamen, azaleas, holiday cacti, and kalanchoe. These popular choices bloom around this time of year and make your home look festive but once you get them home, then what? Kathie Bond-Borie has spent 20 years as a garden writer/editor, including … Read more…

Stop Killing Bees

Global warming has become the worst type of debatable subject: a political one.
By and large, it’s the liberal side that is blaming the actions of man for recent risies in average world temperatures.
The conservative side says these temperature swings have always taken place, and man can continue what he’s been doing with no fear that the temperatures will soon come back down.
The truth, as it usually does, lies in the middle.
However, the subject of today’s FamilyFirst pick has no such side-choosing.
The drop in honeybee numbers in the past 50 year5s by 50% is REAL. And it’s very, very worrisome. And one of its main causes is chemical pesticides.

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