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Does it really matter to you how annoyed your friend is when she posts on Facebook how loud the person next to her is at the coffee shop? Or how your friend feels after staying out too late? But if you have a funny story about what your kid did, don’t you want to share it? And … Read more…

Weird Ward

We had lots of schoolteachers growing up. Their quality varied greatly. The best ones taught us life lessons that still guide us years later. Today’s FamilyFirst site is devoted to a teacher like that.
His name is Pat Ward. He taught chemistry at East Central High School in Tulsa, Oklahoma (is that Oklahoma really necessary? Are there any OTHER Tulsas? 😉 from the late sixties through the nineties.
He was an unconventional teacher, the best kind. He would give his students derogatory, but good-natured nicknames. For instance, a boy named Robert who was known for talking to much became Oral Robert. Lloyd Wallisch became Pink Lloyd. You get the picture.

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Classic 45’s

You grew up with them. Well, if you’re forty or older, you grew up with them. I’m talking about 45’s, those discs of vinyl designed to be spun at precisely 45 revolutions per minute, while a needle traces its way towards the center and translates the grooves into music. And music from a 45 sounds like no other.
I still remember my brother’s 45’s, and many of the flipsides. You see, you put a throwaway song on the other side of a hit. But many times, the flipside would get more attention and airplay than the professed superior offering.
Nothing stirs the memories of a forty-something like images of 45 singles. And that’s what today’s FamilyFirst site is all about: Classic 45’s. Here’s their mission:

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The People History

I love history. If there’s nothing to watch on the idiot box, I’m liable to just settle on the History Channel, or one of its clones. I’ve always been fascinated by the past, and if I happen to remember the events, personally, that makes it even better.
As you are probably painfully aware, I have my own daily-updated site at It’s all about my own Baby Boomer memories.
But today’s FamilyFirst site takes a much broader view of the past. Specifically, it covers the years from 1920 on. It’s called The People History. Here’s their mission:

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Don Markstein’s Toonopedia

Well, once again, research for my own gig, I Remember JFK, has led to a FamilyFirst pick.
I wrote a column on my memories of the Sunday funnies. That led me to this killer site which is packed with info about strips that have long passed from memory, as well as ones that continue to prosper.
What caught my attention about the site was the info it had on a panel comic that I remembered well, but I was beginning to think nobody else had. It was called Out Our Way, about a family called the Willetts. It was moderately popular, but the Tulsa World I grew up with had it as long as I was a kid.

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