World’s Biggest Diesel Engine

I used to own a sweet little 1984 Mercury Lynx diesel. That little car would get 50 MPG on the highway. The engine was a Mitsubishi, I believe.
Well, that was one end of the range of diesel engines. Today’s FamilyFirst pick takes a look at the very farthest OTHER end of that range.
It’s a blog entry giving info on an engine manufactured in Korea that develops 108,920 hp at 102 rpm.

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New:Leaf NWA

Today’s FamilyFirst site has a very personal connection to myself.
You see, I created it.
I’m going to talk about the site, then go into the mechanics behind it. The site is called New:Leaf NWA. It’s the property of a real estate firm my daughter works for (that’s her, farthest to the left on the logo picture).
The site presents a (hopefully) easy-to-use interface to browse properties in northwest Arkansas. You can browse featured properties or use the simple search without registration. There is an advanced multilist search that you can access by registering (for free, of course).

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The Car Show

When we get into our automobiles to go somewhere, we expect them to start when we put the key in. When we don’t, it can be trouble. Unless, that is, we have spent some time at a site like the one today’s FamSite visits. Called The Car Show, this site is the online presence of … Read more…

Census 2000 Home Page

Have you ever wondered how our government spends our money? I am sure we all have at one time or another. But have ever wondered how they divide it up? What factors go into determining what states get what amount, or what programs are chosen to be funded? If so, then today’s FamSite will be … Read more…

The Basic Mechanics Book

Have you ever wondered how the transmission in your car works? Or what is a cam? I have always wondered what a thing-a-ma-jig and a doo-hickey were. Today’s FamSite is about a book that can help you understand any and everything mechanical. Called The Basic Mechanics Book, it is about a book that explains mechanical … Read more…