The Colorado Garden Project

Mary, Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow? Well let’s check this gardening website out for some great tips and ideas to see. How about mulching a garden? Here is an excerpt from the mulch section. Organic matter: I’m no biologist, but I’ve noticed that earth worms seem to enjoy living in soil that has organic matter in it or on it. In my garden, I tend to find many more worms where the leaves pile when the wind blows. And since I’m no scientist, I can’t say that this is good for the soil, I can only say that I like having the worms around and I’m sure they’re somehow beneficial.
What about Irrigation? Here is an excerpt about drip irrigation, As far as the lay-out goes, it’s kind of the fun part, and it’s probably easiest if you draw yourself a map of your garden before attempting it in real life. Have fun, and if you run into problems, feel free to ask for help!
If you are new to gardening or just looking for some real life alternatives from real life gardeners, be sure to check out this hot spot for gardening, and hopefully you will be well on your way to fresh vegetables like you ahve never tasted before.

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