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With many college basketball fans’ NCAA Tournament brackets in tatters after yesterday’s Louisville upset, now things get interesting, sports fans.

Here are few ideas that can make the games even more fun when you’re all together watching.

  • Put on fun music for in between periods and during commercials.
  • Keep the drinks in a cooler close by instead of the refrigerator and don’t forget some sports drinks if you are also serving alcohol.
  • Get some foam basketballs and hoops to compete against each other or set up a basketball game on the video player for some good competition.
  • Give little prizes or gift certificates for the best super fan – face paint, fan regalia and foam finger. Or hold a sports trivia contest and reward the biggest info geek.
  • Don’t forget the snacks – Emerald Nuts and Kettle Brand Chips! If you visit www.underdogbracket.com you can win instant prizes and even a chance to win $10,000 if you pick the lowest-ranked winner. As the tourney heats up, you can visit www.kettlereal16.com and enter for another chance to win $10,000. For a chance to win $50 instantly, visit either site or text “Kettle” or “Underdog” to 87963.

Have fun – anything can happen. That’s what makes March Madness the best sports event of the year for many sports fan. Good luck!

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Bags That Celebrate Americana Make Perfect Giftshttp://familyfirst.com/bags-that-celebrate-americana-make-perfect-gifts.html http://familyfirst.com/bags-that-celebrate-americana-make-perfect-gifts.html#comments Thu, 17 Mar 2011 14:16:36 +0000 http://familyfirst.com/?p=7403 post thumbnail

Not long after the events of September 11, 2001, Amity Cooper began designing a line of handbags called Star 50 (www.star50bags.com).

The bags are an expression of love for this country because each bag is inspired by one of the 50 states. And starting at midnight tonight, they will all be on sale for a gotta-have-em low price, with free shipping, plus Family First readers can get an additional 10% off.

Denver-based Cooper, originally from Long Island, New York, researched each state and then based her designs on the specific highlights of each location. Just like Route 66 that ran through the heart of the country during its heyday, Star 50 bags celebrate Americana at its best. As Cooper says, they are modern heirlooms.

The deep-rooted traditions of our country and of days gone by are brought home for anyone who carries a Star 50 bag. As the website says, a woman’s hat gave a hint to her personality in the 1930s and 1940s. Today, her bag tells the same story.

The bags are very high quality – I know first-hand because I carry the North Carolina Kitty Tote, which is gigantic and works perfectly as a laptop bag, diaper bag or even a weekender bag for a quick get-away.

So, get a New York Hot Pot for your best friend, the Louisiana Market Sack for your mom and the Florida bag-a-kini for your hot night out on the city.

The quantities are very limited so make sure you shop now. The sale runs through March 31, 2011. ALL bags are just $30, with no shipping charges and if you enter the code FFMM311, you will receive an additional 10% off the price for this weekend only.

With Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation and weddings coming up in the next few months, it’s a great time to pick up a few for gifts for your friends and family and buy one for yourself too.  Why not? www.star50bags.com.

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SI.com’s Men’s College Basketballhttp://familyfirst.com/si-coms-mens-college-basketball.html http://familyfirst.com/si-coms-mens-college-basketball.html#comments Fri, 16 Mar 2007 00:19:42 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=3472 Well, it’s finally here: the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.
It’s what we would like college football to be: a playoff with the crowning of an undisputed champion. It’s simply competitive perfection.
The best way to get here is to win your conference. Failing that, you have to run up an impressive record against a majority of capable opponents. Schedule creampuffs to beat up on and gain lots of victories, you’ll be weeded out.
The potential for upsets and upstarts is excellent. Last year, little James Madison made it to the Final Four! What a great story. And at presstime, perennial championship contender was knocked out in the first round by Virginia Commonwealth! A shame for Coach K’s young squad, but a great sports story.

Today’s FamilyFirst site is a typical excellent Sports Illustrated presentation: Men’s NCAA Basketball.
Check out the brackets, the schedule, and best of all, read the articles by SI’s amazing team of columnists. Phil Taylor, Grant Wahl, Stewart Mandel, and of couyrse, the immortal Frank Deford offer their observations and opinions. Agree or disagree, you have to concede it’s great writing.
So here’s the March Madness. May your favorite team do well.
SI.com’s Basketball Coverage

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NCAA Men’s Basketballhttp://familyfirst.com/ncaa-mens-basketball.html http://familyfirst.com/ncaa-mens-basketball.html#comments Mon, 12 Feb 2007 00:48:55 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=3442 I have to confess that I’m not the world’s biggest college basketball fan. But I get interested this time of year.
Conferences are starting to get close to their championship rounds. The speculation is running rampant about who’s in the NCAA tournament, who’s out, and who’s on that most dreaded of places, the bubble.
Hopefully, this year, some of the more maligned conferences will get their due. The Missouri Valley Conference, generally overlooked, should get three invites this year. I say SHOULD, they probably won’t. Instead, the SEC, steeped in mediocrity after you get past Florida, Kentucky, and, surprisingly, Vanderbilt, will likely get their usual five or six spots.

But you have to admit it: you are hard-pressed to find a more exciting show in sports than the Big Dance. It may be rivaled if we ever get a college football playoff system, but for now, there’s nothing more exciting than March Madness.
Today’s FamilyFirst site is the official NCAA Basketball site. It has all the news, scores, and schedules of the current season, the upcoming conference playoffs, and, of course, the NCAA Tournament.
Keep it bookmarked, and keep coming back. You’ll be able to stay on top of all the action. And hopefully, you’ll be able to watch THREE MVC teams get their invites to the Big Dance.
Click here

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The Sporting News College Basketballhttp://familyfirst.com/the-sporting-news-college-basketball.html http://familyfirst.com/the-sporting-news-college-basketball.html#comments Sat, 18 Mar 2006 00:06:26 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=3123 HOOWAH!! IT’S TIME FOR MARCH MADNESS, BABY!
That was my typed impression of Dick Vitale. But I do love the NCAA Tournament. And I’m in a pretty good mood. My team, OU, unfortunately lost in the first round. But it’s okay, so did Arkansas! Woo-hoo! No ribbing at work! It’s tough being a Sooners fan living in Razorback country . . .
So, anyhow, for the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be watching, listening, and thinking basketball.
But which site do I pick for FamilyFirst?

I decided to go with what has long been my favorite print publication: The Sporting News.
Today’s site is TSN’s College Basketball section, which, of course, is now its March Madness coverage.
Get the scores, the articles, and the commentary on the games. And then comment yourself! Just sign up for free, and fire away.
And also get insight from TSN’s great writers. Get the thoughts of Andrew Skwara, Kyle Veltrop, Mike Hayes, and the inimitable Mike DeCourcy. These guys know how to write.
Of course, you can also download your official Sporting News bracket pdf, perfectly suitable for printing out on the old office laser! 😉
So rev up your engines, mark your bracket sheet, and get into one of the most exciting college sports events, courtesy of The Sporting News!

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Kuch’s House of Hockey Autographshttp://familyfirst.com/kuchs-house-of-hockey-autographs.html http://familyfirst.com/kuchs-house-of-hockey-autographs.html#comments Sat, 11 Mar 2006 00:49:59 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=3117 Well, it’s my last day of the week to work, and like I do so often, today’s FamilyFirst site is a bit on the funky side. You see, I wanted to make it another sports pick.
First of all, with all the Barry Bonds steroids talk, I continue to be peeved at MLB for not punishing this arrogant scofflaw. So no baseball sites today.
March Madness will be starting soon, but I’m not into it yet.
And the NBA? Naaaaah, I lost interest when MJ retired.
So today’s site is featuring a sport that I used to passionately watch on ESPN, but which, at the moment, sadly exists only on an NBC Saturday afternoon broadcast.

I’m talking about the National Hockey League. And the funky aspect? The site is all about how to score autographs from the players! Cool, huh?
It’s called Kuch’s House of Hockey Autographs. It doesn’t have a mission statement, as such, but its purpose is to assist fans in getting their favorite players to autograph items for them.
I really like the approach Mr. Kuch takes. For example, note this quote:

NHL players are by far the nicest of any major sport and are usually quite accessible if you know where and when to find them. The biggest thing I emphasize when getting autographs is show respect for the players and coaches. Many people say that it’s easy to be a sports star with all the money and fame, but when everywhere you go you are hounded for autographs, it can really cut into your privacy.

And especially this one:
Don’t sell your autographs, and don’t buy autographs from dealers. Players may make outrageous salaries, but they don’t like it when dealers posing as collectors are getting items signed while depriving real fans of autographs.
Check out the webmaster’s personal collection of autographs. It’s amazing. And enjoy this great site from a great fan of a truly great sport.
Click here

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