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Magic Rocks

April 13, 2007 2 Comments

Magic Rocks When I was a kid, there was an amazing product called Magic Rocks. In doing some reaserch for an article at my JFK site (irememberjfk.com), I found today's fun, fantastic, and nostalgic FamilyFirst pick. It's called The Magic Rocks Page. If you remember Magic Rocks, you'll be thrilled. The fact is... continue reading...

Kim Komando

March 9, 2007 No Comments

Kim Komando Her name is Kim Komando. Well, not really, but that's how we know her. She's known as America's Digital Goddess. She comes by it naturally. After all, her mother was part of the team that developed the UNIX operating system. And she was also kind enough to pick my I Remember JFK site as one of h... continue reading...

Promotional Glass Collectors Association

March 4, 2007 No Comments

Promotional Glass Collectors Association In what is becoming a regular occurrence, today's FamilyFirst pick is the result of research I did for my own I Remember JFK website. I wrote a piece on jelly jar glasses we had in the 60's and 70's, and among the sites I used for information was that of the Promotiona... continue reading...

DSOTM and the Wizard of Oz

January 23, 2007 No Comments

DSOTM and the Wizard of Oz I wrote an article which appeared on January 22 on my I Remember JFK site about Pink Floyd's immortal album Dark Side of the Moon. In researching the article, I was reminded of a unique phenomenon someone discovered about the album when played while watching The Wizard of Oz with th... continue reading...

I Remember JFK

November 9, 2006 No Comments

I Remember JFK OK, it's time for a drum roll . . . A couple of days ago, I hinted at a site I would be building for Baby Boomers. Well, here it is! The site is called irememberjfk.com. Here's its premise: Are you old enough to remember JFK's assasination? For many of us, the worldshaking event was our first c... continue reading...

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