Chocolate & Zucchini

To repeat myself yet another time, I LOVE cooking. Cooking allows one to be creative in a sense unlike any other. Sure, you have a recipe, but only the timid follow the directions to a tee. The rest of us EXPERIMENT!
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is called Chocolate & Zucchini. Its author is English-speaking Parisian Clotilde Dusoulier, who loves every food-related act, from shopping for the needed items to garnishing a plate to savorng the finished product, and recounts all of it with honest joy.
Here’s her mission:

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I Hear America Singing

The music of our country reflects the heritage that of what has come before us. It represents the good times, the bad times, the happy times, and the sad times. Most important of all, it reflects who and what we are and have been as a nation. Today’s Family First site looks at a site that tells about some of our musical heritage, and the roots that it came from.

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Here it is, almost the end of the Christmas shopping season, and you are probably one tired and harried shopper. If you are looking a little sanity and want to take a break from the rush today, why not visit today’s FamSite? Called MyPrimeTime, this site is an online personal trainer. It concentrates in four … Read more…