Choosing a Mechanic

Making a decision about where to take your vehicle for an oil change or routine maintenance can be anything but routine. There are a wide variety of choices at varying price levels, including the local dealership, an independent garage, or a major automotive service chain. There are many factors that can affect your decision, starting with your vehicle and your budget. Let’s review the options.
Taking a vehicle to a dealership for routine maintenance is generally the most costly option, but there are several benefits. While you might be inclined to avoid the extra expense of going to the dealer, remember the old adage: you get what you pay for. Dealerships have invested a considerable sum of money in specialized machines, tools, and training.
Independent mechanics vary widely in terms of expertise, price, and convenience. Some independent mechanics specialize in repairing one or just a few brands. Sometimes these shops have mechanics with a high level of expertise (many are former dealership employees) and have invested in the special, brand-specific equipment required for the brands they service. They frequently use OEM replacement parts, which may be preferred in some situations, even though they tend to cost a bit more than aftermarket versions.
Read all of the great tips and ideas for help and a better understanding of how to choose a mechanic for you. Get comfortable and understand the differences between garages and dealerships, certified and non-certified mechanics.

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