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Fernando Cerra’s Bird Photos

August 28, 2008 No Comments

Fernando Cerra’s Bird Photos Today's FamilyFirst pick is a nice little site that I syumbled upon called Fernando Cerra's Bird Photos. I love birds, and i love good nature photography. Both are in plentiful supply at today's FamilyFirst pick. Cerra has shot a host of photos down in Mexico, and has a great selec... continue reading...


June 6, 2008 No Comments

Hummingbirds.net There is no more amazing flying creature than the tiny hummingbird. The diminutive nectar eaters are found all over the world in temperate to to tropical climates. They beat their wings so fast that they appear to be a blur. When one flies by you, you instinctively duck to avoid it,. like it ... continue reading...

Desert USA’s Desert Animals and Wildlife

November 16, 2006 1 Comment

Desert USA’s Desert Animals and Wildlife If you haven't set foot in a desert, I recommend the experience. Every year I go to Vegas for a trade show and slip out to the desert to roam around. While hot (and cold at night), dry, and seemingly inhospitable, it's a home for thousands of species who find its condit... continue reading...


May 22, 2006 No Comments

DesertUSA About a month ago, I was in Las Vegas for the Interop show. One day, I slipped out to the desert and found a natural spring in the middle of the desolation that was surrounded by lush greenery. There were also Indian pictographs all over the cliff walls. I saw lizards, harmless snakes, hummingbirds ... continue reading...

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden