engadgetlogo.gifGadgets � we love ’em! That’s why today’s FamilyFirst site pays homage to that most fascinating piece of human engineering: the gadget.
The site is called Engadget. It’s a blog that provides reviews, news, and gossip about gadgets of all sorts.
For instance, at presstime, there was a review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-R1 SLR digital camera. They weren’t impressed.
It’s not just little gizmos that get the press. Check out this writeup of self-healing paint from Nissan: �Nissan claims that most scratches will disappear in a day to a week, and that compared to regular paint, this new super-paint only suffers one-fifth of the damage from car washes. Marketed as �Scratch Guard Coat� (they better hope it works better than rustproofing), the new paint will debut in the near future on an unnamed SUV.� Sweet.

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Pyramids: The Inside Story

Halloween, which has just passed just a short month ago, brought back memories of old time movie monsters. There was Frankenstein, the Wolf Man, Dracula, the Invisible Man and the Mummy. The last character was interesting, because of the contemporary interest in Egypt and the tombs of the Pharaohs at about the same time as … Read more…