You Can’t Shop There! The Politics of Shopping

This week’s hubbub surrounding the notion that Chik-Fil-A as a company is prejudiced against same-sex marriage has created a firestorm of reactions from people. Boycotts and “kiss-ins” are being planned to try and send some kind of message to the company that is known for their tasty chicken sandwiches and waffle-woven fries, friendly service and … Read more…

Educational Toys

Fat Brain Toys is a retailer and developer of unique specialty toys, games, and gifts. Searching for a gift? Simply answer FIVE basic questions about what you are seeking and the Gift Wizard will come up with results tailored specifically to your needs. All questions are optional, however, the more information you can give the Wizard, the more exact he can be.
To start shopping, either enter a keyword into the Google powered search, utilize the Gift Wizard, or try one of the buying guides. Give your children a leg up not a veg out. Get them games and toys that encourage development and helps them learn.
Great ideas for your grandchildren to play and learn. Fundamentals and hand eye coordination along with other basic skills can be enhanced with the great toys and offerings from this web site.

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8 Hacks to Make Firefox Ridiculously Fast

You ARE using Firefox for your web browsing, right?
If the answer is no, i HOPE it’s because you’re using Safari, Opera, or Google Chrome ;-).
But for the rest of you (and those of you still trudging along with IE who have yet to make the move), today’s FamilyFirst pick is for you.
It’s a British tech site called 8 Hacks to Make Firefox Ridiculously Fast.
If you make the eight changes to Firefox, you too will find your browsing experience greatly enhanced, speed-wise.

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Wikipedia: Mozilla Firefox

Today’s FamilyFirst pick will combine two of my favorite things: Wikipedia, and Firefox.
Wikipedia, YOUR encyclopedia, is the source for much of the research that I use for my Boomer nostalgia blog.
If you type a search subject into Google, odds are that Wikipedia’s entry on the subject will come up high on the list.
The other part of the equation is YOUR web browser, Firefox.
If you’re still using the default browser that came with your computer, it is probably Internet Explorer.

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