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Arty the part-time Astronaut

February 16, 1999 No Comments

Arty the part-time Astronaut One of best ways to learn about science is to present it in a fun and exciting way. Today's FamSite is an example of that, and you will meet a new friend along the way. Called Arty, the part-time Astronaut, it is a site that is designed to help young people explore the solar s... continue reading...

Radio Tower

July 8, 1998 No Comments

Radio Tower One of the comparisons that Bill Gates made during his keynote speech during the Windows 98 launch was how the multimedia aspects of the Internet were in the infancy, and related it to the early days of television. The computers of today are like the black and white televisions of the 1950's. I h... continue reading...

The Chrittercam Chronicles

April 17, 1998 No Comments

The Chrittercam Chronicles Have you ever wondered what it was like to see our world through the eyes of a wild animal? Have you ever wondered what it would be to BE a wild animal? Todays Family Site can help fulfill some of those desires. It is called the Crittercam Chronicles, and it is just like what it... continue reading...

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