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What great games come in a banana, an apple or a pear? Answer – the Bananagrams line of games!

Using letter tiles, Bananagrams® is a game of speed and spelling.  It teaches kids letters, spelling and quick thinking. For adults, it makes you use your brain like speed Scrabble®.

The letter tiles come in a zippered fabric banana and go everywhere. Developed by the Nathanson family for their own family trips, this game and its related games has become an award-winning phenomenon. There are even Bananagram game books and calendars similar to Sudoku.

The game was introduced at the 2006 London Toy Fair and won at the 2009 International Toy Fair. Dr. Toy, Play Matters and iParenting Media, among many others, have all given Bananagrams awards for the fun and educational factors of this super speedy game.

The website show demonstrations of this game, and the sister games of Appletters®, Pairs in Pears®, Zip-It® and Fruitominoes®. Each game is word-related but has some different aspects to spelling, speed or matching.

We have Bananagrams and my kids love it. Even my 3-year-old, who is still learning to spell, likes telling me which letter are which and tries to spell simple words just for practice so it’s a learning tool as well.

Praise has come even this giving season from The Chicago Sun-Times, National Geographic Kids and National Public Radio.

So check out these great games for fun family time together at the holidays. They’re small enough to make great stocking stuffers or road trip treats for visiting the family this year. Go to www.bananagrams.com for locations and more information.

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Holiday Gift Idea #1: Book Bling Bookmarkshttp://familyfirst.com/holiday-gift-idea-1-book-bling.html http://familyfirst.com/holiday-gift-idea-1-book-bling.html#comments Fri, 02 Dec 2011 13:38:36 +0000 http://familyfirst.com/?p=8727 post thumbnail

This post contains some updated information:

How many of your books have a dog-earred page, random receipt, airline ticket or scrap of paper instead of an official bookmark? If you’re like me, almost all of the books I’m currently reading are like that.

A fantastic bookmark is on the market that “blings” your books – and makes the perfect gift for the book hound friend or family member, hostess or teacher – Book Bling Bookmarks.

Founded in 2008 by intuitive consultant Jessica Derksen, Book Bling Bookmarks is a custom beaded bookmark you can color-coordinate to your book or customize based on your interests by picking the color scheme and charms you want in used in the bookmark. She’ll pick the beads for you.

All bookmarks are handmade and usually ship a week after order, so hurry for Christmas delivery. She does carry a couple of stock designs but most of what she makes are custom orders.  She says she designs them through intuition – what feels right to her once you give her colors and specific charm selections, if you want charms.

You can choose from basic bead colors – blue, green, red, pink, purple or aqua or from jeweled beads (a little fancier) in blue, green, purple or aqua. Then you choose the charms to add, or you can go with beads only.

Charm possibilities come in silver and gold and include dragonflies, butterflies, the cross, a flower, and word charms such as “Peace”, “Believe” and “Love.”

The pricing makes purchasing multiple book marks more attractive – the more you buy the more you save. Please check the site for pricing and ordering specifics. As you can see from the pictures, it  looks fabulous to have 2 or 3 in your books at a time.

Please check out www.bookbling.biz today and get that hard-to-please friend a one-of-a-kind gift today!

Full disclosure: yes, that is my book featured in the photo “How to Raise an American Patriot” (also a great gift idea) to show you can customize the color scheme.

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SantaClaus.comhttp://familyfirst.com/santaclaus-com.html http://familyfirst.com/santaclaus-com.html#comments Tue, 18 Dec 2001 12:00:00 +0000 http://familyfirst.sandbox.infomediainc.com/?p=1600 Today we continue our seasonal visits to a site that features a jolly old elf. His name is one that every child recognizes, and just about every adult as well.

The site is called SantaClaus.com, where Santa, Mrs. Claus, and the rest of the crew are always happy to have visitors. They created this page to feature various sites, charities, gift ideas and other holiday-oriented topics. Please take your time and explore the site, and don’t forget to drop Santa and the Elves a note to say hello or to suggest a site addition.

Enjoy your visit here today, and come back tomorrow for another wonderful site.


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