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We’ve all heard of black mold – that phantom menace most of us think we’re exempt from. Did you know that mold can live anywhere, even when you think you live in a dry climate?

According to a quote from Richard Carpenter, CEO of Ultra Steam, on the website Mold Menace, every time you open your bathroom door, you are potentially spreading mold spores throughout the air and into your lungs. Eww.

Plumber Brad Stewart, inventor of Mold Menace, says that mold is very difficult to prevent 100% but that it can be reduced to very low levels. He has three tips for mitigating mold in your home:

  • The more often you clean, the cleaner your home will be as you eliminate mold spores
  • Carpeting in your bathroom is a storehouse for mold; avoid putting carpet in your bathroom if possible.
  • Air flow is very important to keeping things moving out of your home so make sure you are moving the air around as much as you can (once you eliminate the mold).

Stewart’s product, Mold Menace, is 100% organic and an environmentally-friendly, patent-pending, mineral-based product that kills 99.96% of mold. It sprays on and doesn’t require wiping off. According to the website, it kills Staphylococcus Aureus, Bacterium Bovines and fungi and leaves a refreshing citrus scent.

A 1999 Mayo Clinic study suggested that more than 37 million Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis; almost 100% of these cases are caused by mold. Treatment of the common sinus infection using antibiotics is actually worse because it kills the good flora in your body to fight the fungi.

“Fungus allergy was thought to be involved in less than ten percent of cases,” says Mayo researcher Dr. David Sherris. “Our studies indicate that, in fact, fungus is likely the cause of nearly all of these problems. And it is not an allergic reaction, but an immune reaction.”

So take these steps today to halt the growth of mold in your home and you and your family could be healthier.

Marijo Tinlin is the Editor in Chief of Family First, one of the oldest family-oriented websites on the internet. She is also the author of the new book about patriotism and teaching our children to love this country called “How to Raise an American Patriot, Making it Okay for Our Kids to Be Proud to Be American.”  It features 13 interviews with patriotic Americans including Ed Meese, Erick Erickson and Jackie Gingrich Cushman. It’s available at www.raisinganamericanpatriot.com.

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