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Blender Defender

October 17, 2008 No Comments

Blender Defender Problem: Your cat likes to get on your kitchen counter. Ewwww. I don't care how much you like cats, that's bad. Cats use their feet to take care of litterbox business. You don't want those feet on your kitchen counter. How does one keep a pet feline from polluting the same area where one prep... continue reading...

Geeky Baldisms

December 31, 2007 No Comments

Geeky Baldisms Well, I've been talking about if for years, i have FINALLY redesigned my aging layers-based Baldguyweb website. Baldguyweb.com was the first domain that I ever acquired, way back in 1998. It cost about a hundred bucks to get a domain back then, so it was a big step for me. That site, advertisin... continue reading...