World Wide Web Independent Music Directory

Yesterday, I vented about the heavy-handed, underhanded practices of the RIAA, as well as the record labels that they represent. The question is, what can you, the music lover, do to stop putting money in their pockets?
Well, one wonderful, legal, ethical answer is this: buy music from independent artists! Go listen to them when they’re in your town! Spread the word about them!
That’s what today’s FamilyFirst site is all about: the World Wide Web Independent Music Directory.
The site ain’t fancy, but it is very informative. Here’s their mission statement:
“One of the main purposes of the site is to give independent bands some free promotion. Since 1996 the music directories have become quite large and there are plans to better organize the directories in the near future. The goal for this will be to keep the directories simple and easy to use like they are now. Who needs banner ads? Keep checking back and enjoy the music!”

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