tinfoil.gifOkay, ready to get WAY back?
Today’s FamilyFirst site is a multimedia experience spanning back to 1878. That’s right, multimedia from the 19th century is available on the internet! All you have to do is visit tinfoil.com.
Tinfoil.com celebrates the cylinder record. You’re not familiar with it? No problem, they haven’t made them since the 20’s. Okay, experts, I know, they were used in Dictaphones in offices until the 50’s, but that doesn’t count!
When Thomas Edison initially started recording sounds, he used wax cylinders. They were about four inches long, just big enough around to hold by suspending them with two fingers inside (actually the safe way to handle them), and grooved on the outside. The grooves produced the sound, similar to the flat record.
The earliest incarnations of the cylinder records were wrapped in tinfoil, hence the site name.
So what makes this site so cool? Well, you can hear sounds recorded from 1878! Many who died upon the Titanic were not yet born! Does that put it into perspective?

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