NBC’s Olympic Site

Well, the 2008 Olympics have begun.
NBC is hosting the big show this year, with many other cable networks also involved, to bring you all of the action from China.
At presstime, China has grabbed its first two golds, and the US is about to win its first gold and silver in women’s sabre fencing.
But there are two more weeks ahead, and there is a LOT to keep up with.
Ergo, you’ll want to keep today’s FamilyFirst pick bookmarked.

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SI.com’s Men’s College Basketball

Well, it’s finally here: the NCAA men’s basketball tournament.
It’s what we would like college football to be: a playoff with the crowning of an undisputed champion. It’s simply competitive perfection.
The best way to get here is to win your conference. Failing that, you have to run up an impressive record against a majority of capable opponents. Schedule creampuffs to beat up on and gain lots of victories, you’ll be weeded out.
The potential for upsets and upstarts is excellent. Last year, little James Madison made it to the Final Four! What a great story. And at presstime, perennial championship contender was knocked out in the first round by Virginia Commonwealth! A shame for Coach K’s young squad, but a great sports story.

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The 2004 World Series

Well, the pain is over, and I can finally talk about it. Having been a New York Yankee fan for over 40 years, the AL Championship series was horrible to watch (at least after Game 3, anyway). But the final two teams in professional baseball are going at it in a best-of-seven game series, and may the best team win. Today’s Family First site we visit the official site of the 2004 World Series of Baseball.

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NCAA Basketball

Well, the football bowl season is over (almost), so it is time to turn our attention the other sport that dominates the college scene this time of year. It is the fast paced game of basketball, and the intensity that it is played at at the college level makes it a great source of sports … Read more…

Final Four

Today starts the annual ritual of deciding who is the best college basketball team in the United States. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament starts today, and it is one of the premier sporting events of the year. From 65 teams to the Sweet 16 to the Final Four, today’s FamSite looks at all the action … Read more…