I just enjoyed a fantastic day playing golf with my nephew, Eric Meller, who has been a PGA Tour caddy for ten years.
Eric’s clients have included Andrew Magee, Cameron Beckman, and his current employer: Corey Pavin.
Oh, and by the way, he shoots scratch golf.
Anyhow, I was thoroughly entertained by Eric’s tales of what touring pros are REALLY like. And it inspired me to pick today’s FamilyFirst site: Caddybytes. Here’s their mission:

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In this scandal-plagued world of sports, where such outrages as blood doping, amphetamines, steroids (Barry Bonds needs an asterisk), the Yankees/Red Sox/whoever has the most money buying up the talent of less wealthy teams, and just good old cheating in general, it’s refreshing to find a sport like that featured in today’s FamilyFirst site.
There is a tremendous amount of money available to the participants. But the money is doled out based on current performance, not slick agents. And cheating? Well, the participants most frequently call the infrequent infractions on themselves!
The sport is professional golf, and the site is the slickest, quickest way to find out who’s on top of the current tournament, as well as where the also-rans finished.

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