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June 1, 2006 No Comments

Caddybytes I just enjoyed a fantastic day playing golf with my nephew, Eric Meller, who has been a PGA Tour caddy for ten years. Eric's clients have included Andrew Magee, Cameron Beckman, and his current employer: Corey Pavin. Oh, and by the way, he shoots scratch golf. Anyhow, I was thoroughly entertained b... continue reading...

PGATour.com’s Scoring

February 19, 2006 No Comments

PGATour.com’s Scoring In this scandal-plagued world of sports, where such outrages as blood doping, amphetamines, steroids (Barry Bonds needs an asterisk), the Yankees/Red Sox/whoever has the most money buying up the talent of less wealthy teams, and just good old cheating in general, it's refreshing to find a... continue reading...