Learn To Draw And Paint

The Carder Method DVD takes a unique and fresh approach to teaching the fundamentals of oil painting. Even people with no natural ability can learn to draw and paint beautifully. When you are on the website be sure to watch the tutorial video.
The Carder Method is Mark Carder’s new approach to teaching oil painting. The method is presented in a two-DVD set totaling six hours of how-to-paint-in-oil instruction. It covers everything you need to know to create a realistic oil painting. Mark takes the mystery out of oil painting by leaving nothing out, assuming you know nothing about how to paint.
If I’m already an artist, will The Carder Method help me improve?
Yes. The direct and unconventional approach of The Carder Method is unique. Trained artists have used The Carder Method to deepen their understanding of color, proportion and the fundamentals of painting.
How much natural ability is required to paint using The Carder Method?
None. This is what makes The Carder Method unique. The Color Checker and the Proportional Divider will guide you as you mix colors, draw and paint.
If you have a desire to draw or paint be sure to check out this site for great information about art and learning methods that simplify and improve on what you already know, or don’t

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