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If you are on the cutting edge of fashion or you just like to get noticed every once in a while, you must check out the fashion creations of Melissa Rajsky.

Rajsky is the creator of Raw Materials by Melissa, her artistic fashions company that uses repurposed clothing to make new fashions. For example, she has used a pair of ‘70s-era pants turned upside-down and seams opened up to make a unique shift dress.

Each piece is a creation in itself. She has considered mass production in the past but the unique and artistic expression of her work is lost in the simplified manufacturing process.

This full-circle journey of her first designs, to having her creations sold in several boutiques, to considering moving to mass production, has come back to Rajsky focusing completely on creating custom pieces for her clients.

As her new creations come from that which was once something different, she has evolved too. After finding herself a single mother after divorce and the reinvention that goes along with that, her fashions are an expression of a different kind of reinvention.  

She became an artist after working in the advertising industry for many years. She even surprised herself with the creativity that came to her after going through the challenges of divorce.  A self-taught designer and seamstress, she turned devastation into a new business and a new identity as an artist. Now her young daughter, Mia, is designing too, so it has become a family passion too.

Rajsky says her designs are meant to be fun, unique and to turn what the old piece was into something completely different. For example, she makes men’s clothing into a feminine dress or a sports jersey into cocktail attire.

She wants her creations to be timeless and seasonless, so you can wear them for as long as you like them, not at the whims of fashion’s dictation. Rajsky views every person as her own work of art, so she doesn’t start a piece until her clients ask. There’s almost no “off-the-rack” anymore for her designs (there are two boutiques in Florida offering a limited line) because she wants to create something her clients will love and that will be unique to them.

Rajsky loves thrift stores for her fabrics. She also gets clothes from other people to use in her designs. The fabric is really what she’s looking for when she picks out the materials for her designs, but sometimes the structure of the clothes also works. For example, she has repurposed a t-shirt into the bottom of a dress, sewed the sleeves closed and turned them inside out to create pockets.

Her fashion art has definitely gotten noticed. She was recognized last fall by a museum for her work and they used her pieces for a fundraising event for the venue. She was also filmed recently for a documentary.

She loves hearing stories of how her fashions have affected her clients’ lives. She tells the story of one woman who was wearing Rajsky’s creation in Paris and someone stopped the woman on the street to ask about the piece of clothing. In the heart of the fashion world, in one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the planet, her fashions caught someone’s eye. Now that’s success!

Please check out Rajsky’s fashions on her website www.rawmaterialsbymelissa.com and find her on Facebook here.

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