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Grant’s Cabin

March 21, 2000 No Comments

Grant’s Cabin The Family Site of the Day tour of sites related to the presidents of our country continues today with a visit to a site that honors not only one of our presidents, but one of our most famous army generals as well. The site is called Grant's Cabin, a visit to one of the homes of President and... continue reading...

Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Museum

July 18, 1999 No Comments

Woodrow Wilson Birthplace and Museum Today we continue our visit of the homes and museums of the leaders of our nation. There is a wide variety in the background of our presidents, and it is interesting to see the roads that each followed to the highest elected office in our land. Today we visit the birth... continue reading...

The President Benjamin Harrison Home

June 9, 1999 No Comments

The President Benjamin Harrison Home Today we again take up our tour of the men who have led this country through good times and bad times, through war and peace. The FamSite today continues our tour of American Presidents. The President Benjamin Harrison Home is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is th... continue reading...

Maple Leaf Shipwreck

May 17, 1999 No Comments

Maple Leaf Shipwreck The history of our country is varied and exciting. The mid-18th century, during our civil war was especially interesting, and the effects of it are still being felt today. Today we take a look at a ship that has given us a fresh and interesting look at that period of time. Called the ... continue reading...

An Illinois Soldier in the Civil War

August 28, 1998 1 Comment

An Illinois Soldier in the Civil War Being able to look and see what our past was really like is one facet of the history of our country that can be very rewarding. The ability to read contemporary accounts of events and look at pictures can give a very "you are there" feeling to an event, and help one to un... continue reading...

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