Halloween Safety Tips

Collecting candy door-to-door is the highlight of every kid’s Halloween. Make trick-or-treating fun — and safe — with easy crafts and helpful tips. Whether you’re making or buying your child’s outfit this Halloween, beware of these risky design flaws.
Problem: The costume makes your child hard to see in the dark.
Solution: Pick out or create a light-colored or bright costume that will be visible to drivers. If your child wants to be dark and spooky, decorate the outside of his costume with strips of reflective tape (which you can find in most hardware stores). Make sure the candy bag he carries is also brightly colored or trimmed in reflective tape.
Problem: It’s a tripping hazard.
Solution: Falls are a major cause of injuries on Halloween, so it’s important to make sure your child’s costume fits. To prevent her from tripping on curbs, steps, or the hem itself, keep pants, dresses, and capes above her ankles. She should be able to wear warmer clothes underneath the costume if it’s cold out, but the outfit shouldn’t be so loose that it catches on doorknobs. Don’t let her wear shoes or hats that are too big.
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