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Wikipedia: AOL

January 25, 2008 No Comments

Wikipedia: AOL I know, I know. To say anything positive about AOL is like praising Barry Bonds as an upstanding fine example of an honest ballplayer. Or to cheer for Bill Belichick's sportsmanship. Or to give a thumbs-up to Britney Spears for responsible parenting. But the fact is that I have a soft spot in my... continue reading...

MASH FAQ: Episode Guide

March 25, 2007 1 Comment

MASH FAQ: Episode Guide Usenet is something that has largely fallen by the wayside. In the early days of connecting to the net, say about 1993, Usenet was one of the most useful places to share information. The text-only protocol played nice with 1200 baud modems, and there was a gentlemanly air about the plac... continue reading...