Call Your School – Tell Them About this Video for Constitution Day on the 17th

Constitution Day – September 17th – is upon us. Arguably, The Constitution is the most important document in the history of the world as it layed out the structure for the most successful government to this point. Do you know what activities (if any) your children’s school has planned?  Federal law mandates any schools receiving federal funding must … Read more…

5 Summer Projects to Unleash Your Kids’ Creativity – and Yours Too

– By Alexander Hiam ( who is the author of Business Innovation for Dummies Arts and crafts are, like anything else, more or less creative depending on the approach you take. To use art as a way to strengthen your imagination and boost your innovativeness, make sure you avoid the normal follow-the-instructions activities. Most of … Read more…

Snowflake and Snow Crystal Gallery

Well, it’s that time of year again, at least for the majority of us who inhabit the northwern hemisphere.
Temperatures are dropping, days are getting shorter, and soon, snow will begin falling from the sky.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick celebrates the beauty of the snowflake and the ice crystal.
It’s loaded with tons of amazing images of the tiny frozen beauties that only live for an instant before melting and turning back into good old water.

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Nasca Lines

The Nasca (aka Nazca) Lines are one of archaeology’s most familiar finds.
Ironically, they had to lie exposed for all the world to see for thousands of years. Yet, it was ani airplane flight that took place in 1939 that finally revealed their presence to the modern world!
By then, the Pan-America highway had already been constructed right through the middle of some of them.
They have been protected and preserved since then, but it’s amazing to me that artwork created before Jesus walked the earth wasn’t discovered until the same year that Gone With the Wind was released.
Today’s FamilyFirst pick is a photo essay of the lines.

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Museum of

What attracted me to today’s Family First Site at first was the title. It sounded kinda cool. But now that I have visited the site, and spent more and more time exploring it, it grew on me. Hopefully you will have the same cyber experience.

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