Supersized Kids? Get Tips for Physical Fitness

By Marijo Tinlin December 7, 2012 1 Comment   

This is a Guest Post by Philip Sanders

Have we lost sight of a healthy norm? Once upon a time in America, childhood obesity was rare. Today more than 12% of children are obese by kindergarten. This means they weigh more than 20% of their healthy weight.

Childhood obesity has implications for physical health, emotional health and even the economic well-being of our country. Take a look at the below and see some great tips to promote exercise and help raise a healthy generation.

An Hour a Day – Here’s How

Doctors recommend that children and teens get an hour or more of exercise daily. If you struggle to imagine your son or daughter jogging around the block, you might appreciate our list of activity suggestions below. It includes three important exercise types: aerobic training, muscle development and bone-building.

While all exercise types are important, doctors emphasize aerobic training most. Kids and teens should work out aerobically at least three times per week. Some activities listed below fit more than one category.

Ways to Keep Active with Kids & Teens

Aerobic Activities

  1. 1.   Walk your dog or a neighbor’s dog on a regular basis.
  2. 2.   Run with kites or chase Frisbees in a park.
  3. 3.   Make a habit of walking or biking to accomplish errands when feasible.
  4. 4.   Sign up for charity walks together.
  5. 5.   Roller skate or ice skate. Let older children invite their friends.


  1. 6.   Hike! Bones become denser when they work against gravity.
  2. 7.   Climb stairs instead of taking ramps, escalators and elevators. With younger children this can easily become a game. “How many steps do you think there are? Let’s see!”
  3. 8.   Jump rope. Teach your kids double-Dutch jump roping and jump rope rhymes.
  4. 9.   Play racquet sports. Muscles are challenged whenever the racquet works against the ball and gravity.
  5. 10.                Promote an interest in weightlifting, gymnastics or soccer. Athletes in these sports tend to have especially healthy bone densities.

Muscle Developers

  1. 11.                Teach your kids to climb trees! It’s a lost art.
  2. 12.                Hang a climbing rope in the garage. Keep it away from kids and pets when not in use.
  3. 13.                Swim! Every arm stroke is like resistance training with weights.
  4. 14.                Become yogis. Yoga will not only help your child develop physical strength, it can also improve their general focus and promote a sense of calm.
  5. 15.                For muscle building with more nerves than calm, take the kids rock climbing! An indoor facility will provide everything you need.

Got more ideas for family fitness? We’d love to hear them. These strategies can help children appreciate nature and become more involved with their communities – while also preparing their bodies for long, healthy lives.

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