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By Joel Comm April 15, 2003 1 Comment   

For children, learning to read opens up worlds of adventure and fun, limited only by their imagination. For me, going to the library as a child meant a long ride on my bike. Today, it is possible to read a book simply by clicking a mouse. Today’s FamSite is an example of just such a site.

Called StoryPlace: The Children’s Digital Library, this site is an online library of books and activities for preschool and elementary children. There are online stories (such as Morris’ Special Day), online activities (such as Who Am I), and a take home activity (currently how to make a mouse mask). There are several subject areas, each with a different theme, such as colors, monkeys, and teddy bears.

This is an interesting site for young visitors to spend some quality educational and recreational time. Feel free to let them roam the shelves of this library, it will be time well spent.

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