Stepfamily Association of America

Today’s FamSite is one that is about families. In today’s generation, it is not unusual to have step parentes or half-siblings. But a family is a family, as this site shows.

The site is called Stepfamily Association of America. It is a national organization dedicated to providing support and guidance to families with children from previous relationships … stepfamilies. Our purpose is to develop and disseminate research-based information and materials; design, implement, and evaluate opportunities for support and education; evaluate and recommend programs, materials, and standards of practice; and advocate for financial, institutional, political and social changes that support stepfamilies.

So stop by and see what resources they have to offer, and what might help you or someone you know. Enjoy your stop here today, and come back soon.

6 thoughts on “Stepfamily Association of America

  1. Most of the comments I see when I googled the issue of being a stepgrandmother are directed at what to call the stepgrandmother. We are beyond that. This issue now is, how do I explain to a 3rd grader that I am REAL and love her very much, also, even though I am not her biological grandmother? She explained to someone that I was not her real grandmother. She is a very bright 8 year old.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

  2. I too am wondering if SSA is still in existence?
    I have sponsored several support groups for stepfamilies but I’m not sure if I can offer other groups saying I am sponsored by SSA.

  3. Is this still up and running? I went to it and it doesn’t look like it has anyone working on keeping it up to date. I’ll add it to the links I have found for helping stepfamilies, but I think it would help if it were continuously updated. Just wondering if you knew anything else about that site. Thanks!

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