St. Louis Cardinals, 2006 World Series Champions

By Joel Comm October 28, 2006 2 Comments   

Today’s FamilyFirst site is a bit late. That’s on purpose. I didn’t want to jinx anything by writing it too early. But now, the morning after, it’s official.
The St. Louis Cardinals are the 2006 World Series champions.
I love a lot of teams. I love the Chiefs and Rams in football, OU is my college team, and I get excited when the Bentonville Tigers, recent state champions, have a big year. These teams have all had a lot of success, and I have a ball when they win.

But only one team is MY team. Only one team hooked an eight-year-old kid in 1968, forced him to suffer through a LONG 1970’s era, and kept him an excited fan when they won it all in 1982 (after getting hosed by Bowie Kuhn in 1981).
It’s been an even longer drought since then, but it hasn’t seemed as long to this middle-aged adult.
This team has struggled hard for respect. Holding a big lead all season over the NL Central, they needed a last-day loss by Houston to clinch. Their opponents held home field advantage in all three post-season series. They played an exhausting seven game series against the Mets (many of whose fans seem to be unable to come terms with who won).
Through it all, ESPN, which I seldom watch anymore, predicted their defeat by each opponent.
USA Today predicted that the Tigers would win in three games.
Today’s FamilyFirst site is the Wikipedia entry on the Cardinals, already updated to show their world championship.
Go crazy, folks, go crazy!

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2 Comments to “St. Louis Cardinals, 2006 World Series Champions”
  1. Darlene says:
    Just thought watching the game last night, how proud Jack Buck would have been. I sure miss his heartfelt announcing.

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