Sports Illustrated Kids

By Joel Comm September 25, 2005 No Comments   

sikids.gifHey, young sports fans! This site is for YOU!
It�s Sports Illustrated Kids, and it�s a rip-roaring good time for the younger set. It�s also got lots of great sports info for the more mature crowd.
It�s divided up into sections, kind of like it�s parent site. Quickly jump fr category to category to get the latest on baseball, football, and basketball (wonder where hockey is? ;-).

Parents, a bored child is a dangerous thing. A bored kid can get into some serious trouble. On the other hand, a child with a passion stays busy, and tends to stay OUT of trouble. So why not introduce your children to sports, and impassioned subject if there ever was one?
There are lots of other fun things to do here at SIKids. For instance, there is fun stuff like the Games section. Enjoy a plethora of fun in-browser games like All Star Dodgeball, Urban Racer, and Super Slugger.
Young future entrepreneurs will enjoy the Fantasy Sports section. Is there a future GM out there?
To sum up, this site is a blast for the sports fan, whether young or my age (that would be old).

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