Smart Security: Benefits of Home Security Systems

According to the FBI, home break-ins, or burglary, are the most common threats to our homes. In the U.S. alone, a home is burglarized every 13 seconds, yet only 17% of the population has a home security system. These statistics simply do not match up but what keeps us from installing such an effective safety feature in our homes? For some, it is the cost. For others, it is the time they think it may take to install and maintain the system. These concerns are valid and should be considered when shopping for the best home security system, but you may be surprised at the cost and convenience of home security systems today, making home security a pretty smart option.

Home security systems are more interactive than ever before. Many home security packages come with everything from live wireless communication to free apps for remote monitoring to touchscreen panels with voice activated command options. Installation of these systems typically takes just one day and there is no real maintenance of the system once it is installed and set up. If anything, you will feel the need for less maintenance of your home when you have someone else monitoring your home every second of every day. The purpose of a home security system is to monitor your home, protecting your family and property from theft, damage, or injury, but how do you know what features to look for? Depending on your needs as a homeowner, there are a few top features to look for when browsing security providers, and it is best to make a “wish list” of features before you start shopping around. If you are unsure of what features you think you need or want in a home security system, consider these benefits of a security system.

Fire protection is the first benefit of a security system, one that many people do not consider initially. Most of us think of home security systems as protection from break-ins or theft but these systems can also protect your family from fire. In a typical home with only fire detectors, the family has to get themselves out and contact the fire department after they realize their home is on fire. With a home security system, monitors will pick up the outbreak of a fire and contact authorities faster than you could. This means increased safety for your family, and your property.

The second benefit deals with burglary and property protection. This benefit is the most obvious but did you also know that having a simple yard sign with your home security system provider’s logo can deter criminals? In addition to having motion detectors and sensors inside and outside of your home, having a sounding alarm can also protect you. The alarm alone usually deters criminals until the authorities arrive, giving you more time to act.

Severe weather alerts is the third benefit. Not all systems offer this feature but if you live in an area where severe weather threatens, these alerts could be quite beneficial to you. Vivint is a home security company that features these alerts that integrate with the touchscreen panel to give you constant access to the latest weather related information in your area. The information for the alerts is provided by the National Weather Service and this feature is included free of charge.

Overall, home security systems offer peace of mind. Most providers offer monthly fees of as little as $15 per month, a cost that is well worth it for most of us. Having a home security system allows you to travel with ease, knowing your home is protected and security systems are not just beneficial when you are away. For people with elderly relatives or younger children who may be home alone at times, or with children coming home from school, there is peace of mind knowing your family is safe while you are away.

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