Fact: we all need to be in good health. Fact: it takes work and sacrifice to maintain good health. Fact: we don’t want to hear it.
Hey, we’re human, so eating healthy, exercising, and staying away from bad habits aren’t easy. That’s why today’s site is so valuable.
It’s called It’s mission is stated thusly:
“Want to get healthy, but don’t know how to begin? Start with our list of small steps and find some that work for you. Then let us help you separate healthy fact from fiction with our great selection of resources. Continue with the activity tracker, great recipes and newsletter. Finish with a healthier you!”

In other words, we’re not talking about a major lifestyle change, we’re talking small, easily manageable steps towards improving your health and lifestyle.
Most of us are fighting extra weight. I know that i am, anyway. So what do you do? Overhaul the way you live your life? No, you take small steps. For instance, how about walking to work? Using fat-free instead of whole milk? Walking during your lunch hour? Grilling, steaming, or baking instead of frying?
See, small steps aren’t so hard. And you have just begun living a healthier lifestyle!
Now, practically speaking, it’s going to take more work than that to turn into Jack Lalayne (who is still alive and healthy!). But you have to start somewhere.
The site is divided into sections for adults and teens, and also for kids. So click the link, and start taking your own small steps toward better health!

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  1. Your recent ad on TV showing two boys eating sandwiches and one letting out a huge burp and scaring pigeons is gross and disgusting. What has happened to politeness and manners? If this is the only way that you think that you can get your message across maybe your message needs adjusting. Your audience should be able to understand the message without the pigginess of your version.

  2. i really dont thins web site is good ya you learn things but it doesnt bring any thing to me attion and if i doesnt mine thinm who will im 13 and 13 year old dnt like it then what makes you think a 12-maybe 17 would

  3. i would like to hear any suggestions that may be out there. i am 6’0 ft and weigh 270lbs. i am also looking for a way to lose 50lbs.

  4. ok well, i dont know wht to do!! i wanna lose like 50 lbs over this summer so tht i can come back to school a hottie, im about 6’1″ 280 lbs, does neone have ne sugestions

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