Simple Steps to Better Dental Health

TopDental.gifMy eighty-year-old mom passed way a year ago. She had a mouth full of her original teeth. That goes to show you that good dental health was possible growing up in the thirties and forties. Today, it�s easier than ever to have good, healthy teeth that will last a lifetime.
Today�s FamilyFirst site is called Simple Steps to Better Dental Health. It is presented by the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral Surgery.

What can you find here? Dental information to help kids and parents prevent problems, understand conditions, and explore treatments.
In other words, everyone in your family can enjoy good oral health by following their excellent advice!
Ask a question of dental professionals or read answers to questions submitted by others. Watch a video, play games, and find other fun stuff about keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. Learn about a new carbon-dating technique uses teeth to pinpoint age of disaster victims. Learn how to deal with problems like halitosis, cavities, cold sores, sensitive teeth, etc.
Spending some time at this well-designed site is not only entertaining, you can learn VERY valuable information about keeping your mouth happy.
Having watched my poor old dad struggle with his dentures all of his life, I am determined to not go through that. You should be, too.
So get the floss out, make sure your brush is in good shape, and click the link!

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