Ships of Discovery

One of the more interesting sites to see on the Oregon coast (if you ever get a chance to visit) is a shipwreck near Astoria. It is the remnants of a ship that have been there for almost 100 years. What is so neat about it is that one can walk right down to it and among it during low tide. There isn’t much left, thanks to Mother Nature, but it is still a cool place to visit. Shipwrecks and how they happen, and what they leave have always held an interest to many people. Today’s FamSite is a great place to find out about some of them.

Called Ships of Discovery, this site is a storehouse of archeological information about ships that have had the misfortune of sinking and/or not arriving at their destination. They officially came into being as an underwater archaeology research institute in 1989, but conducted research into shipwrecks, shipbuilding techniques, exploration history, and artifact conservation many years before when the founders were graduate students. Here you can visit various excavations, read about them, and enjoy some beautiful underwater photography. You can also revel in the question, whatever happened to Columbus’ ships that he discovered the new world with.

Today’s site is very informative, educational, and fun to visit. When a site has all three of these items, it is one to be sure and bookmark so you can return often. Enjoy your stop here today.

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