Schwinn Sting-Ray

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The year was 1963. Detroit had just introduced the muscle car. Small-bodied vehicles were being produced with big-block V-8’s, stiff suspensions, and lots of style.
The world was ready for a shocking new look in bicycles. Schwinn, the premier bike manufacturer, took notice.
That year, they released the Sting-Ray.
The Sting-Ray was the original, and ultimate banana-seat bike. It was also pricey. Many of us had to settle for lower-priced clones. But its high price didn’t stop Schwinn from selling a million of them in 1968 alone!

Today’s FamilyFirst site is the official Schwinn Sting-Ray presentation.
There was nothing better than being the proud owner of a genuine Sting-Ray in the 60’s. It was durable, reliable, and could stand up to countless jumps.
They were also begging to be customized. You could loosen the monkey bars and sweep them down. You could buy a custom colored seat. And, sweetest of all, you could mount a sissy bar.
Schwinn began remanufacturing classic Sting-Rays in 2004. They now offer unbelievably tricked-out models that resemble custom Harleys.
Perhaps you had to settle for a knock-off in the 60’s. Hey, splurge a bit and go buy your kid a genuine Sting-Ray. Odds are he’ll be telling his kids about it years into the future.

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