Santa’s Secret Village @ North

Today we take another look at a holiday site. This one gives our young cyber visitors a chance to visit a very special friend.
Called Santa’s Secret Village, this is a site that allows young ones (and older ones as well) a chance to see what Santa is up to. You can see toys being made, write an email to Santa, visit his den or Mrs. Claus’ kitchen. There are pictures to color and stories to read as well. There is also a special Clubhouse to visit, as well as a Festival of Trees and the Reindeer Barn.
All told, this is very special site. It is full of activities to keep children of all ages entertained. Be sure to book mark this one, as it will come in handy as the big day approaches.

19 thoughts on “Santa’s Secret Village @ North

  1. In reply to Ruby, you should get a life you little twit. No wonder Santa didn’t come to you. You did not deserve anything. Don’t you know that if you say stupid things like you did, that Santa knows all and of course he is not going to waste his time delivering presents to you if you don’t believe in him……

  2. sup ppl!how’s it goin:)dnt wanna crush ur dreams but….SANTA AINT REAL KIDS!!!ther aint a northpole or any of dat!!i use 2 believe in him…..but then i figured he aint real!i waited 4 presents under the tree 4 years!only my parents give me presents!they told me it was santa but i saw them sneaken presents under the tree!!DON’T BELIEVE IN SANTA!!(bleeps)ok!:)

  3. santa i burn’t my letter hoping you would get it because i missed the mail man today and i asked you to give me a sign yes for bells ringing and no for wind and i heard bells ringing so i did burn my letter hoping you would get it. we will be leaving chocolate chip cookies and suger cookies with a glass of delicous milk

  4. Hello SANTA and all the special reindeers fly saftely tonight and we promise to be fast asleep. We will leave you a mince pie for you and some carrots for Rudolf and a glass of milk as you cant drink and drive.xx

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