San Francisco Chronicle’s BALCO Investigation

Well, there’s hope.
At presstime, two stories were just out: First, the NFL has announced that end zone celebrations after touchdowns that involve “leaving the feet” will be penalized fifteen yards for unsportsmanlike conduct.
While time will tell what “leaving the feet” entails, my first response to this is HOORAY! First promoted in the 80’s by Mark Gastinau (also renowned for his steroid use), dancing celebrations on the football field have long been a blemish. And I don’t know if the new rule will include bizarre gyrations after making routine tackles (Gastinau’s specialty). But in the immortal words of Walter Payton, “when you score, act like you’ve been there before!”

The second announcement is that Bud Selig (showing some signs that he has actually grown a spine) will be launching a probe into steroid use in baseball. Former Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell will be heading it up.
With all but a few extremely naive individuals convinced that Barry Bonds used steroids to enhance his performance, perhaps, at the very least, his records can have an asterisk placed beside them.
So with all of that off my chest, I give you today’s FamilyFirst site: The San Francisco Chronicle’s special report on the BALCO investigation.
The Chronicle has taken a courageous stand in the San Francisco area (where the majority of Bonds’ dwindling fan base resides) and has presented the case of BALCO’s systematically proving Bonds (and others) with enough steroids and HGH to turn the athletes into high-performance machines.
It’s disgusting, but thanks to the Chronicle, it’s now out. And Selig is FINALLY looking like he’s going to do something about it.
It’s about time.

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