By Joel Comm February 9, 2000 7 Comments   

With the cost of just about everything going up these days, one needs to be conscientious with the money they spend. Wouldn’t it be wonderful you could get samples or demos of products that you would like to use? Well, if that is the case, then today’s FamSite will be a great one for you.

Called, this is an on line site that caters to cyber surfers who want to try before they buy. They not only find it for you, they order it for you. The product areas are as diverse as beauty products, health products, food and drink, nutrition, and even pet products. Some of the current offerings are a HP Printer Cleaning Kit, Kellogg’s Snack’ums, and an Ortega Chile Recipe book. You can get a free emailing update, as well as Sampleville news sent to you.

A local Portland businessman has a slogan, “Free is a very good price”. With that thought in mind, enjoy your visit to today’s site.

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7 Comments to “”
  1. karen b. says:
    Mailing Address: 755 Spring Valley Rd. Montgomery, AL 36116 Please send perishable & non-perishable items, for families, for men and women
  2. Este says:
    Why am i told my address is not right,what the issues.
  3. sally says:
    please send me if you can some coupons thanks
  4. muthu says:
    please send me free samples for beuty and health prodects food and drinks home and pet items
  5. Terri says:
  6. James Snider says:
    They've apparently been bought out.

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