Destruction and violence are every day occurrences in our society. But in recent years, the age of the perpetrators of this violence are becoming younger and younger. Trying to stop this madness was the inspiration for today’s Family First Site.

It is called SADD Online, or Students Against Destructive Decisions. This peer developed and run site is an attempt to bring together the diverse communities and chapters of the organization into a sort of virtual community. Initially founded to counter drunk and dangerous driving, it has expanded include the full spectrum of problems that are facing our youth of today. Here you can find out the latest information and programs that are being undertaken by the organization, as well as how to get involved. This is truly a site that is trying to change the world by getting into the trenches and doing what needs to be done.

So stop by, and become an informed cyber visitor. Bookmark this site for you children or for you parents. A site such as this encourages open dialogue, and that is good for everyone involved.

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