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Yesterday we looked at a site that saluted Buddy Holly, one of the main stars in the golden age of rock and roll music. Today we look at another star from the era, one whose career lasted a short seven months.

The site is called Ritchie Valens.net, and is a tribute site for that singer. He had hits with the songs “Donna”, “Come On, Let’s Go”, and “La Bamba”. He was a 17 year old high school student when his career started. Here you can follow a time line of his life, find out about the records he made, and learn about his induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this past year. Unfortunately his career was tragically cut short in the same plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, on February 3rd, 1959, the day the music died.

Enjoy your visit here today, and come on let’s go enjoy some good ol’ rock and roll. Come back soon.

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The Richie Valens Story
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  1. i lived like 15 minutes away from Calexico, CA i do have a feeling Ritchie was related to me and my family at least the Reyes side but i love the movie ” La Bamba ” i love his music wish he was still around…..

  2. Another star fell this past Febuary, I guess Ritchie needed a good female back up.

    So long Whitney.

    I collect old 45’s I would have been nice to hear Ritchies newest works.

    But fate had other plans.

  3. I was about 13 when Ritchie died and sent his girlfriend, donna Ludwig, a sympathy letter. I believe her address was listed in a movie magazine. She very kindly wrote me back a 3 page letter thanking me for understanding and talking about ritchie and how special he was. She said she goes to the cemetery alot to be where he is.
    I still have the letter.

  4. Hi ritchie and donna my name is Renee and I like all of your shows and so does my sisters samantha and allee and my brother chris and brandon.
    ritchie and donna did you have a nice christmas. It was sad when ever they announce that you died in the moie and then the next one you were back in it so I realy don’t know if you raly died or not.

  5. I went on Youtube and did a search for Donna Ludwig.
    They had a small interview with her. I don’t know how old it is. (maybe dec 2,2006)
    You can do a search for it or try the URL:
    This URL is current as of Dec. 20, 2008. I don’t think it will change. There are videos of his songs on her search of her name.
    She has two daughters and so she was probably or is still married which is probably why her last name is Fox.
    The interview is not in depth. It doesn’t say much else about her, but you get to see what she looks like today.

  6. I showed this movie to my High school kids who are all hip hop fans but they ended up loving Richie and his music. It was great to see!! He sure seemed like a good man.

  7. i just wanted to say that i miss you and i wish that you were still here…..and that i’m doing a paper on you as my historical leader…..

  8. The memories are great. Richie, Buddie, and so many more. These guys were great and so into their best years. Notice how their music was so possitive and up lifting even if it was a sad song.

  9. all of u that r looking for donna look under donna ludwig fox i did finally find out a little bit more about her she is a grandmother and still thinks of ritchie especially when she hears her song

  10. If we won’t get answers here…. where could we all go to find out what ever happened to Donna, Rosie, Bob,,,,,PLease!!!!

  11. you guys are not gonna believe me but i have a three yr-old that loves ritchie’s music..he says that he is ritchie and to wierd things out more…. my son loves to play the guitar!!! he actually knows the rhytum to ” we belong together!!” awsome huh? i bought the movies about a ye and a half ago… and there’s not one day that he doesnt watch it!!! i love ritchie!!! ur missed , i wish i had lived that era and had the HONOR to see u live!!

  12. I like Ritchie Valens, and his songs.Does anybody know what happened to Donna? Did she get married and to who? Does anybody know her age? Does anybody know her parents names?

  13. I read that Bob and Connie have cameos in the movie. Does anyone know where and who they appear as? Thanks. We forever miss you Ritchie!

  14. hey just wanted to say hi. im only 20 but my father raised me on oldies nad richie valens was one of my fav. singers. la bamba was made the year i was born. since i was little ive watchd that movie all the time. i love it so much!!! im watching it now and i got on here to see whatever happened to donna and the rest of the gang. can anyone tell me?

  15. Does anyone know of a song Donna Ludwig wrote in memory of Richie called “Now That You’re Gone (Wish You Were Here)”? I’m trying to find a copy of it.

  16. Hi,
    I just wanted to say how happy I am that a web site like this exists with such a nice people like all of you guys:)
    I am so happy to find out some info that you are willing to share.
    I was only 8 years old when I first saw the movie and from then on it is my favourite one.[It was in Poland where i grew up] I love Ritchie and his music. He will always live in our hearts. If anybody knows more about Donna and his family I would really appreciate any kind of info.
    Thank you one more time:)

  17. hey guys i am only 15 bt i really like ritch valens he is the best singer i love the movie la bamba and i want 2 no wot happend 2 the rest of the family dont u
    just thought i would say my comment

  18. i read an article a couple of years ago (i dont remember where) that donna got married and lived a happy life with her family. she lives out in california somewhere and she even mentioned that her license plate was “odonnao” because someone had “ohdonna”. i dont know whats happened in the past few years though.

  19. What ever happen to donna Ludwig and Ritchie’s sister’s and brother I see that his mother died and is buried byside him, that’s real nice, I think he would have like that alot. I love his music, one thing I don’t believe the movie about him, is it at all true to real.

  20. I know a bit bout wot happened to ritchie’s valens family. his mother died the same year as the movie was made, on october 18th. hes brothers and sisters are currently reliving his music, including bob. bob has even got his own website dedicated to ritchie. donna is a different story. not sure if she remarried but she has appeared on tv a couple of times. i browsed through da net and found an old pic of her when ritchie was alive. she looks quite scary, and skinny. i like da way ritchie valens looked, especially ones where he was sixteen

  21. The background music in the opening and closing of the movie and the planes crashing over the school is “Sleepwalk” by Santo and Johnny. They were two brothers, recording at about that same time.

  22. I went to see the “Winter Dance Party” reinactment in Watsonville, CA. They did it last year and now last year on the anniversary of Ritchie Valens’ death on February 3. It was fabulous. The Big Bopper’s son (who was a baby when his dad died) sings his songs, including Chantilly Lace. And the Buddy Holly imitator is fabulous. But the best part is when Anthony Ray pretends to be Ritchie Valens. All of Ritchie’s siblings were there: older brother Bob Morales, who is still kind of a biker and a rebel, even in his 60s, his sisters Connie and Irma are great. They get on stage and dance when Ray sings. And youngest brother Mario plays in his blues band. Last year Luis Valdez, director of La Bamba came. This year his brother Daniel Valdez, the producer of the film and the star of the film Zoot Suit was there on Friday night. I went on Saturday night and the surprise guest was Donna Ludwig. She cried when Ray sang Oh, Donna to her on stage.

  23. yeah i was trying to find out the same thing kc was trying to find out. The band Deftones has a song called “sleepwalk” which is the same song played in the movie, but altered a little.

  24. Seems like no body knows what happend to Donna or ritchie’s family. I do know that his mother died a few years ago. Not too sure on his brother rob but yeah id love to know what happend to Donna Ludwig myself, shes been enshrined in this classic song, i would thinkt here would be more information out on her but ive tried google and wikipedia and theres no bios on her whatsover

  25. can anyone tell me what ever happen to donna ,did she ever marry ? or stay single plz write back…
    p.s rest in peace ritchie and may u live in peace…

  26. I love the movie La Bamba and i love Ritchie and i love the songs he wrote and can someone tell me what hapen to his family and Donna after his death

  27. I love the movie La Bamba and i love Ritchie and his songs he wrote and can someone tell me what hepen to his family adn Donna after his death

  28. i always wanted to know what happend after richies death. if anyone has information about his family or donna email me thanks

  29. i always wanted to know what happend after richies death. if anyone has information about his family or donna email me thanks

  30. Yo wadup i seen the movie it was devastating wonder why the driver wasent payin attention why why why!!!!!!!!!!!! i love ritchiman he rocks so bad it aint funny! im a rockin person i should no i play piano gitar flute and drums!! i no i rock and ritchie was tight ———chase chance p.s. i hope he’s in heaven.

  31. I always wanted to know what Donna look like so if any one has a picture of her could i please see it and i am sorry for his family for what happen

  32. Does anyone know what happened to Donna Ludwig? I would also love to know what happened to Bob and Rosie. Also did Ritchie’s mom ever recover from her loss? Where would I go for updates on Ritchie’s family?

  33. I would love to find out what in the world ever happened to Bob (Ritchies Brother)and of course Rosie. If anyone out there knows please post the info. Thanks a bunch to other fans.

  34. It just reminds us that no matter what age you are you can make an impact on the world. By the way Ritchie’s mom, Connie, passed away in 1987. They were buried side-by-side. It seems Bob married someone else and is no longer with Rosie. Part of the movie was filmed in Calexico, CA (my home town)… The Tijuana scene.

  35. hi there i was just wandering if any one can tell me if they know the name of the song played as background music when ritchie has his dreams of the planes crashing

  36. I have studied Ritchies music and culture and understand of the background of where he came from. But I would really like to know more about his family and of his half brother Bob!

  37. me gustas las canciones de ritchie valens soy fanatico quisiera que me manden fotos de el soy su incha me gusta el rokan”n roll nue�o mucica sue�o ser elvis presley

  38. Yes, Ritchie, I feel the same way that everyone else does. You’re sadly missed regardless how long ago it was. I just loving watching the movie, “La Bamba” with Lou Diamond Phillips portraying you. It shows how a young artist at a very young age got started into the music business as a Rock and Roll Star and had so much going for him. But got taken all away at a very young age. I really hated to see you being taken away so young, but God needed you alot more than we did. But one day we’ll get the chance to meet you in heaven. You died before I reached the age of 9. You died in February and I was going to turn 9 in March of that year. I miss you and will always love you and your music.

  39. i sent a copy of my tribute song to del fi records,and i have emailed and wrote letters,still there’s no answer,are they still open.
    I do hope that somebody answers my question

  40. My name is Alex and I live in Brazil. I love Ritchie�s music. It�s hard to believe that a seventeen years old boy could write great songs. Unfortunately that untimely plane crash took his life away in 1959.

  41. we’ll miss you ritchie
    and we will keep your music alive forever
    and a few Albums you made for Us
    and we will keep all Records and vinyl clean
    for your memories.
    we will all see you someday.
    i have some LP’s and 45’s of Ritchie Valens
    in a Safe Wear no one Steal my favorite
    Ritchie Valens Photos and other info on
    I Have 7 Copies Of Ritchie Valens
    Come on Let’s Go /with LA BAMBA DF-51341
    A 1998 RE-ISSUE.

  42. This is my first time on this site.It is set up really well.I have been a big fan of Ritchie Valens,Buddy Holly,The Big Bopper for many long and happy years.If i could go back in time,i would do it so that i could stop Ritchie and the others from getting on that plane.Sadly they aren’t here anymore,but their music lives on for ever.

  43. i love listing to ritchie Valens song’s the one song that has really touched my heart is(Your Mine) every word is the way i feel about the love in my life.

  44. Great site!A few years ago i watched the movie LA BAMBA and found out it was based on a true story about Ritchie Valens.In the movie they play his songs and just the sound of Ritchie Valens voice and the way he sings made me a big fan of his.I wish i could have been born back then because the music these days does not even compare to the music back then.

  45. I remember Richie Valens and Buddy Holly. I was just 16 years old when their music was in the top ten. “Wake Up Little Suzy” was playing on the radio when I recieved my first kiss. In my boyfriend’s car. Need I say more?
    Would it be possible to have my website reviewed? How does one do that?

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