Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.

By Joel Comm July 28, 2007 8 Comments   

I stumbled on today’s FamilyFirst site, as I do so many others, by accident.
I intended to do a column on Bill Cosby. But in looking for a site on him, I stumbled onto the one run by his agent. And once I started looking at the various acts that can be had by folks looking for entertainers, I just couldn’t stop!
You would have to have some bucks to hire any of the performers. It takes $,3500 minimum for a non-celebrity, $15,000 for a known name. But I still found it a load of fun to read about the various artists you could hire to show up at a party for your kids, if you were quite wealthy, of course.

For instance, there’s Bill Peterson. Never heard of him? Well, he looks and sounds just like Rodney Dangerfield! Read his profile, it has lots of great Dangerfield jokes.
Looking for a magician? How about Marco Tempest, technology wizard? He uses computer-generated graphics and sound, as well as effects like darkness and smoke, to produce some amazing effects.
Or would you like to hire Jay Leno to tell jokes to a small group of visitors in your living room one evening? It can be done, but it will probably cost more than the $15,000 minimum.
And, of course, you can book Bill Cosby, too.
So have a fun look at how the other world lives, and wonder at the variety of entertainment acts that you can hire, if you have the bucks to cough up!

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8 Comments to “Richard De La Font Agency, Inc.”
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  2. John Yoder says:
    You will find that prices for corporate entertainers and especially celebrity entertainers can change even from week to week. A new TV appearance or a movie role can jump up the cost of a celebrity entertainer very quickly. It is important to work with an experienced and reputable entertainment agency to insure you are getting the fair and resonable price on any celebrity entertainer you are interested in.
  3. Joseph Price says:
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  4. Joseph Price says:
    I would like for Steve Harvey to host a reality project I have the copyright to for prime time TV. I have placed a message on his message board but have not gotten a response. Can you help me get to him to get a yes or no answer after I have presented it to him? Thanks for your help, Joe Price
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  6. marvin says:
    This guy Richard De La Font, was quite an entertainer himself. I first heard him at a Christmas party for my mothers work back in the 90s. He was a hypnotist/comedian. He done also did private hypnosis which my mother used. Now my mother has a new problem with her weight and she is morbidly obese. She would like to contact this guy for hypnosis theoropy but reaching him or even finding a place to leave a message is like giving a message to Hoffa . Well good luck and if you are lucky may be you will get the privalidge to see him preform. P.S. Spelling was not the focus of this message.
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