Reading is Fundamental

One of the most important challenges for a child is learning to read. That one accomplishment can help to shape a child, and their whole outlook on life. Today’s FamSite is one that for over 35 years has helped children not only learn to read, but to value and treasure books.

The site is called Reading is Fundamental, a site that tells about an organization started by a teacher, Margaret McNamara, in Washington, D.C. It all started with a bag of books and 4 students she was tutoring. The site tells the story of how this simple beginning led to a program that is now in all the United States and US Territories. RIF programs offer enriching activities that spark children’s interest in reading. And every child involved with RIF gets to choose and keep new books, at no cost to the children or their families. Here you can learn about this program, who is involved in it, and how you can become involved as well.

This site is a wonderful one to visit, and if you know of a child or family that could benefit from it, please pass it on. You will be glad you helped to make a difference in a child’s life.

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