Radio Tower

By Joel Comm July 2, 2003 No Comments   

One of the comparisons that Bill Gates made during his keynote speech during a product launch several years ago was how the multimedia aspects of the Internet were in the infancy, and related it to the early days of television. The computers of today are like the black and white televisions of the 1950’s. I have to agree with him.

The Famsite today is one that I predict will soon be common place. It is called Radio Tower, and is a listing of Real Audio / Real Player stations on the Internet. Here you can find out about what programs are on when you want to watch them. Some of the areas that directories are available for include rock, sports, news, theatre, and church. I just tuned in a rock station in Paris France. Kind of interesting hearing Rap done in French…at least I think it was French.

So here is a chance to catch a glimpse of where the computer and the Internet are taking us. Before long, it will be everyday common place for this type of program. Right now it is very innovative, and very fun to play with.

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