I’m a cat person. Always have been, always will be. So when my wife said she’d like to get a small dog, you can understand how my world was going to be changed. Not that I have anything against man’s best friend, you understand. I’m just happier if he lives with someone else, that’s all. But since we welcomed little Beau, a white toy poodle into our house, my attitude has changed, and the little four-paw drive dust mop has won a place in my heart. Well, now that we have him, I’ve got to learn about him, and what makes him tick (other than shredding my socks, which seems to give him great pleasure). Today’s Family First Site is one that I came across that has provided me some great resources.

The site is called pupforum.com, and is THE place to learn about your dog, interact with other dog owners, and pull out your proverbial cyber-wallet and show off pictures of your dog. There are over 1100 pictures that members have elected to share with others, some funny, some cute, and some just dogs being dogs. There is an online forum where you can ask questions, answer other visitors questions, and in general learn from other dog owners who have “been there, done that, got the shirt to prove it”. There is even a section for asking questions of veternarians.
One area that is very nice to see, and provides a community service as well is their Adopt a Dog section. The pupforum.com Adopt a Dog feature provides a free service for rescue, shelter, and other charitable organizations. It allows these groups to post their adoptable dogs so that visitors of pupforum.com can search for a dog that suits them. You can enter the type of dog that you would like, a geographic area where you want to adopt, or find a local rescue/shelter organization near you.
Having established a relationship with my wife’s dog (yes, make no mistake about it, he is her dog, and I know my place in the house), I now take pleasure in playing fetch with him, and going on walks. He also likes to hunker down in my arms when he is napping. So it hasn’t been too traumatic an experience for me, and this web site made it a lot easier.

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  1. my husky passed away and the nexted day i got a new one and she just stole a pace in my hart i love you tusox who died and i will forever

  2. Our mini doxie has come into season and we are looking to breed her. While she was bleeding she seemed to want the advances of her suitor…now that she has stopped they both seem disinterested, but she is still swollen. Will she accept his advances at a later time? Or have we missed our window? She started her season 2 weeks ago. Any advice would be helpful.

  3. I am a member at pupforum too. I have 3 dogs and 2 cats… so I’m waiting for them to do a cat site that is as cool as their dog site!

  4. I’m a member of pupforum! I love the site. They’ve made my dog the pic of the day on two occasions. I like the Ask a Trainer section, too! I’m glad to see it here on familyfirst, both are great sites!

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