While I was in the service, it was always nice to get a letter from home. Whether it was from family or a girl friend, or former girl friend, mail was always nice. Sometimes they sent cards, usually with a brief message on the inside. Some of them were cute, some were funny, and some were, well, shall we say, heartfelt. And I always returned letters, and sent cards back as well. Sometimes it was hard to put my feelings into words, being that far from home and all. Had the subject of today’s Family First Site been around then (heck, if the Internet had been around!!), it would have made my life a lot easier.

The name of this site is Poemsource.com. This site is a collection of poems that have been written by Karl and Joanna Fuchs. Joanna is a professional writer who has been authoring poetry for greeting cards since she was eight years old. Her husband Karl is a mechanical engineer and got his start by writing poems for his wife. Together they have created quite a collection of poetry suitable for that special occassion. What type of special occassion, you might ask? Well, there are poems for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation. There are poems for mothers and fathers, teachers and graduations, the list is quite remarkable.
The poems are original, and well written. There are both rhyming and non-rhyming verses (see the wedding section for a great example), and each one features a small suggestion on the best way to use that verse. They are also cross referenced to other areas. For example, in the graduation section, there is a link a poem in the Christian area for graduates.
One nice aspect of this site is how the authors allow the use of their copyrighted material. They allow free us of them on an individual basis, such as one person to another. They allow users to print the poems from the site or copy and paste them to a word processor. Then they can use them on greeting cards or e-cards, or you can print and frame them and give them as gifts. They do prohibit any commercial use of them, unless an signed in ink permission is given. That type of trust is nice to see in this sometimes cynical world, and is truly a breath of fresh air.
Feel free to visit this site, and make the most of the poetry you find here. There is something for everyone, and you (or your loved one) won’t be dissappointed.

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