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By Joel Comm February 10, 2006 1 Comment   

Are you a new parent? Are you soon to be a new parent? It can be scary, challenging, and lots of work. But it’s not impossible. And if you can get good advice from a trusted source, it is a lot easier dealing with day-to-day parenting challenges.
And really, when it comes to advice, the more wise minds you can get it from, the better. That’s where today’s FamilyFirst site comes in very handy.
It’s called Parenting Club. Here’s their mission:
“Parenting Club is an online community and resource for parents, couples expecting a baby, or anyone trying to conceive. Get parenting advice and tips from those that know best — experienced Moms and Dads.”

My wife and I have raised two kids to near adulthood. We’ve encountered many hurdles we had to clear in raising two healthy, well-adjusted young people. Things would have definitely been easier with this valuable online resource.
The bulk of the website is a large forum which is moderated by vigilant overseeing eyes. These users are experienced parents themselves.
Forum topics run the gamut from baby’s first year to pregnancy and labor to educating your youngster to beauty and fashion, with much unmentioned in between. The moderators clearly enjoy their responsibilities, and are quite forthcoming with good common-sense parenting advice.
There are also news headlines, book and product reviews, an online store, contests, and links to kid-safe entertainment online.
So new parents, get some good advice at today’s FamilyFirst site. Experienced parents, offer your two cents’ worth. We can all share our knowledge to make parenting just a bit easier.

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  1. Gracie Lee says:
    Hi! Sorry to bother you, but i wanted to tell you that your resources are great on: I lead a parenting class and they really seem to love it as well. We decided to send you a suggestion of another resource that we have been using recently. It has been so helpful to our group and we want others to feel the same way! This page also has some great resources and talks about why and how to baby proof the exits in your home. It would mean a lot to the group if you could add this page to your list of resources! It is a well written article with great information. I believe it will even encourage other moms like us to learn the importance of safety and be excited to research more. Regardless, i hope you don't mind the suggestion, let me know what you think ASAP! Thanks again and nice meeting you! :) Sincerely, Gracie Lee [email removed]

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