Online Activities for Kids

Here it is, the middle of spring vacation week (at least it is in my neck of the woods). The kids are most likely getting a little bored, and are anxious for something to do. Well, if they are, then today’s FamSite is just what the vacation doctor ordered.

The site is called Online Activities for Kids, and is an Internet site that has activities for kids of all ages. There are puzzles to unscramble, stories that can be written and then shared on line with other young cyber visitors. The story topics range from sports to favorite books and foods, jokes and riddles, and pets. There is a special section where math skill can be practiced, as well as counting skills. There will soon be an online library of over 1000 stories submitted by kids from around the world.

Enjoy your stop here today, and share this site with your young ones. Spring vacations can be so boring, and a site like this can both entertain and educate

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