Olympics Served by World’s Largest (Temporary) McDonald’s

A temporary McDonald’s has been built in London in preparation for the Olympics that start July 27th. It will be open for just 6 weeks and then removed.

It is over 32,000 square feet, can seat 1,500 diners and is built from completely recyclable materials. According to the McDonald’s website, this is the 9th consecutive Olympics where the restaurant will serve as the official diner for the athletes.

According to the Daily Mail, the restaurant expects to serve over 50,000 Big Macs and over 3 million people from the open to its close on September 9th.

As part of the Olympics promotion, the chain is currently previewing a new website that goes live on June 4th called Champions of Play. Kids can track themselves as they complete fun activities such as pole vaulting to the moon and running around the world.

Led by gold-medal champion swimmer Dara Torres, Olympians will help motivate the kids in their progress. Other athletes involved include American gold-medal winning gymnast Shawn Johnson, Italian gold-medal winning kayaker Antonio Rossi, and American Dwight Howard, a gold-medal winning basketball player, among others.

“I had a blast working with McDonald’s on the Olympic Games Challenge website,” said Torres “It’s exciting to be part of a program of this size and scope and to see how it comes to life in countries around the world, encouraging families to be active while learning about balanced eating.”

“With today’s busy lifestyles, making play a priority has never been more important and we are committed to being part of the solution,” said Kevin Newell, McDonald’s Global Chief Brand Officer. “The McDonald’s Champions of Play program will be the largest kids and family outreach in our Olympic history, designed to connect millions of kids to the Games and inspire the power of play in communities around the world.”

The 2,000 elite McDonald’s servers in the record-breaking restaurant were part of an Olympics of their own. Over 12,000 current employees from all over the world competed to go. The competition included assessments on their politeness, as well as their ability to flip burgers, serve ice cream and cook French fries.

McDonald’s started feeding Olympians in 1968 in Grenoble, France, when the American athletes got homesick for McDonald’s food. Hamburgers were airlifted in to the hungry athletes and the tradition of feeding them continues today.


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